Celebrating Our Past, Shaping Our Future

On the bright, sunny afternoon of May 20, 2012, PCRC, in partnership with Redwood City Together (RCT), hosted “Celebrating the Past; Shaping our Future,” a fun-filled community event that showcased youth and immigrant groups in the Redwood City Area. The event featured music, dance, videos and students’ works of art that were on display in the San Mateo County History Museum.

The objectives of this event were to celebrate diversity in Redwood City and instill awareness of Redwood City’s youth’s role in the community as well as promote unity between new immigrants and long-time community members. Even though it was the first event of this nature and purpose that PCRC and RCT have organized, there was an outstanding turnout of almost 500 participants who thoroughly enjoyed the exposure to youth groups’ various projects.

“Some attendants even asked PCRC staff how they could get involved and support the initiative to build cultural awareness and integration in the community,” reported PCRC Community Engagement Specialist Cindy Marroquin.

With this amount of participation and enthusiasm, there is no questioning the impact this event had on the Redwood City Community: it helped to highlight the achievements of immigrants, integrate them into the community and reveal the similarities of what both immigrants and long-time community members value. It is PCRC’s hope that in the future this awareness will continue to spread via more community and youth oriented events.


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