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Our three areas of focus are empowering youth, strengthening families, and engaging communities.

Partner with my school to empower youth.

Empowering Youth

PCRC teaches youth the tools to manage conflict. For over 20 years, our services have empowered youth to think critically, communicate effectively, interact without violence, and express themselves creatively. Youth actively participate in a powerful process to resolve problems peacefully rather than resorting to violence. Our approach succeeds because we partner with other resource agencies focused on youth in the areas of prevention, intervention, and re-entry.

By teaching youth to manage conflicts, PCRC’s Empowering Youth Initiative helps to accomplish the following:

  1. Academically eligible to pursue a 2 or 4-year college degree upon completion of high school
  2. Prepared to enter the workforce upon completion of high school
  3. Responsible family members
  4. Positive role models in the community

Partner with PCRC in your school. Give to the Empowering Youth Initiative.

Strengthening Families

Partner with us to strengthen families

Families are the foundation to create a thriving community. We believe that health, economic stability, and education determine a family’s success. Our services help families connect with community resources, build strong family relationships, and become leaders so they can advocate for their children’s success.

PCRC’s Strengthening Families Initiative works in the schools and in the community to help families:

  1. Connect to opportunities that improve their livelihood
  2. Learn leadership skills to strengthen the family unit
  3. Work more effectively with the schools, neighborhoods, organizations, and communities

We approach family engagement from every angle to provide families with opportunities to achieve their full potential. Our services include:

  • Nationally acclaimed research based Parent Project® parenting classes
  • Group learning series that focus on leadership development and capacity building for parents
  • 1:1 coaching with families who participate in series or are members of parent committees such as PTA, ELAC, etc.
  • Consultation for administrators, staff, and teachers to improve family engagement
  • Facilitating dialogue between school members (families, staff, administration) to breakdown barriers and build meaningful relationships
  • Training service providers and school staff to increase parent involvement on campus

Results of our consulting, coaching, training, and/or on-site partnerships include:

  • Reduced family conflict, juvenile crime, and improved school performance and attendance
  • Positive changes in attitude towards school and/or the community
  • Improved communication, respect, and trust between school/organizational staff and families
  • Greater access and improved navigation of school and community resources, services, and programs
  • Increased number of parent volunteers on school campuses
  • Increased number of families enroll or reenroll in low cost health care

To learn more about training for parents or staff at your school contact us to speak with the Director of Strengthening Families Initiative.

Give to the Strengthening Families Initiative.

Engaging Communities

Collaborate with my community

PCRC believes when individuals unite and participate in local processes they create positive social change. Community members feel a sense of responsibility and ownership when they are able to shape the decisions that affect their lives. As a result, they are more likely to invest in the long-term outcomes.

We create safe environments where people can come together, find common ground, and work towards a shared goal. We do this by designing effective processes and facilitating conversations. People hear different perspectives, mend fractured relationships, and develop creative solutions for complex social issues. Current efforts address issues such as:

  • Community violence
  • Youth access to drugs and alcohol
  • Welcoming communities for immigrant families
  • Health disparities

PCRC works with communities to:

  1. Reduce cultural stigmas related to physical and mental health issues
  2. Nurture non-traditional leaders who have the power and skill to make lasting societal change
  3. Build strong partnerships that mobilize groups to take action on issues that are important to them

The impact of our community engagement work in neighborhoods, includes:

  • Dramatic declines in community and street violence
  • Stronger policies and relationships with store owners that decrease youth access to alcohol
  • Greater awareness of health related risk factors and easier access to physical and mental health care
  • Improved communication and trust between law enforcement and recent immigrant families

Select the Collaborative you are interested in for more information. For meeting schedules and locations call our Director of Engaging Communities Initiative.

Give to the Engaging Communities Initiative.

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