Volunteer Roles

PCRC is a volunteer-based organization committed to offering high quality conflict resolution and related services, and promoting our mission and values throughout San Mateo County. PCRC recruits, trains and supports community volunteers to provide these services, and is dedicated to working with volunteers to assist them to develop valuable personal skills and to experience membership in an organization that practices teamwork and collaboration.

Volunteer Roles

Serves as one member of a mediation panel. Mediators act as facilitators of communication in a problem solving process. Mediators do not make decisions or judgments about the worth of any case. Rather, they act as guides in helping people clearly state the nature of the problem and then in arriving at possible solutions which are mutually satisfactory to the parties involved in the dispute.

To learn more specifically about volunteering as a mediator, please visit: Become a Volunteer Mediator.

Case Developer:
Case development is the term used to describe the process of educating parties about mediation and encouraging its use. After a case is opened, a case developer is assigned and makes contact by telephone with the parties involved in the dispute. The case developer gets the basic facts and concerns, educates the parties about the mediation process, and works to encourage both sides to attend a mediation. In general, the case developer is not a “problem solver” but is in a key position to describe how mediation may offer a way for parties to resolve their own problems.

A volunteer trained in group facilitation skills who works with PCRC staff on facilitation cases. These cases may include: groups engaged in planning sessions, public meetings about a specific topic or concern, board or staff retreats, etc. A volunteer facilitator is not required to be a mediator or have mediation training.

An ambassador is a volunteer who makes outreach presentations about PCRC’s services to a variety of community groups.

Office Volunteer:
Office volunteers perform intake for mediation cases and also provide a variety of office support for a designated shift or on an “as needed” basis.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:
PCRC is looking for volunteers with a variety of talents to help support our programs and services in the community. This can range from providing training to website development, from writing press releases to database management. Please contact us with your ideas for how you might like to get involved as a volunteer.

If you have questions about these volunteer opportunities, please contact our volunteer coordinator, 650-513-0330. Or, read about applying to volunteer here.

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