Facilitation and Public Participation

PCRC helps groups work together more effectively through our facilitation services. Whether your situation involves a one-time event, a series of meetings, or building working relationships over time, PCRC can be of assistance.

Using a neutral, third-party facilitator can help a group work more productively together and achieve short or long-term objectives. PCRC’s expert facilitators will help design a process that works for you: from agenda planning to meeting management to note compilation and plans for next steps.

We facilitate in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Organizations who need to develop a strategic plan
  • Community meetings in which residents come together to share concerns and ideas
  • Staff or work groups who want to work out a problem
  • Organizational retreats
  • Any group which wants to work productively together
  • Public input processes for cities, schools, county departments and other agencies
  • Collaborative groups or network meetings
The staff at the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center has helped us plan and facilitate various workshops.  They helped direct the meetings and made sure they were run in an efficient but inclusive manner.   Although some people may be opposed to the project, thanks to PCRC they feel they have at least had the chance to participate in the public process.  That is what is really important. – Tom Passanisi, Principal Planner, Redwood City

PCRC also specializes in public participation and community engagement projects. We have experience managing complex processes designed to engage a variety of stakeholders including those groups that do not typically participate. We help with planning, outreach, meeting design, facilitation and collecting and synthesizing information.

The PCRC Community Wellness Initiative is a current, long-term community engagement project. This initiative is currently focused on community-based partnerships supported by the San Mateo County Health Department to help prevention Alcohol and Other Drug abuse in two targeted neighborhoods: North Fair Oaks and North Central San Mateo. To learn more, click here.

Fees for our facilitation services vary depending on the scope of work. Please contact us to get a quote.

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