Community Wellness Initiative

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Prevention Partnerships

PCRC is currently providing facilitation, project coordination and community engagement services for this project in two communities: North Central San Mateo and North Fair Oaks/Redwood City. The project is funded by the San Mateo County Health Department and guided by community residents and partner agencies.

Strategies for Early Prevention of AOD Abuse:

Place: to support  the physical and mental health, reduce substance abuse, and decrease exposure to violence.

People:  Strengthen positive development, social connections, and reduce isolation to promote overall well-being, reduce substance abuse, and decrease exposure to violence.

Prosperity:  Reduce stigma and increase economic opportunity and self-sufficiency, especially for those at risk of mental health problems and substance abuse.

Partnerships:  Engage governments, business, and community members –through their actions, decisions, practices, and policies.

North Central San Mateo

The mission of this project is to unite and strengthen the North Central San Mateo family by promoting healthier lifestyles, through education, communication, collaboration and celebration. The project is led by a Community Council of residents and a Coalition of service provider agencies.

"Photovoice" Project

Partnership Goals:

a.     Create neighborhood- based plans addressing the use of AOD in the neighborhood

b.     Decrease availability and access to AOD in the neighborhood

c.     Increasing education and leadership opportunities for youth to make healthier decisions

d.    Empower, inform and support parents and adults about AOD prevention issues

Community Partners:

  • African American Community Health Advisory Committee
  • Police Activities League
  • Pilgrim Organization, Inc
  • YMCA Youth Services Bureau
  • Youth Leadership Institute

North Fair Oaks

Our mission is to work together to promote health and healthy messages, and to reduce the social, emotional and physical consequences of alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse.

Partnership Goals:

a.   Youth participate in meaningful activities and are connected to their schools, families and communities.

b.   Healthy policies discouraging AOD use are created and/or enforced.

c.   Youth access and availability to alcohol and drugs decrease.

d.   Reduced acceptance of youth alcohol and drug use/abuse.

Community Partners – The North Fair Oaks collaborative is coordinated by Redwood City 2020.

  • Center for Youth
  • Community Network for Youth Development
  • El Centro de Libertad/The Freedom Center
  • Friends for Youth
  • John W. Gardner Center
  • Redwood City Police Department
  • San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sequoia Union High School District
  • Youth and Family Enrichment Services
  • Youth Leadership Institute