Family Engagement

The primary goal of PCRC’s Family Engagement work is to increase the frequency and quality of parent engagement in schools and communities in order to support student success.  We aim for increased parent attendance in educational opportunities at school, parents’ comfort and confidence in the school environment and support families in having a better understanding of the school system and services available for them at their school. Overall, we envision stronger, more inclusive schools that encourage authentic engagement and leadership of residents in the surrounding communities.

We have dedicated staff who work on-site at schools in three school districts: Belmont-Redwood Shores, Ravenswood and Redwood City. They work with parents and community members at different levels of participation and leadership, from encouraging parents to attend a school celebration to supporting parents to take an ongoing leadership role on decision-making bodies.

Through the Parent Leadership Academy I have learned a new way of communicating and how to express myself in front of people. I am not a good public speaker but with these newly learned tools, I believe I can do it more effectively” -Taft Community School Parent
Attending this focus group I learned how to resolve conflicts and communicate with teachers about my kids’ grades instead of not saying anything”-Parent attending a Latino Focus Group

PCRC has also designed an extensive Parent Leadership Academy which helps parents develop the skills they need for effective engagement and leadership in their child’s school and in the community. Click here for more information about the training topics available.

Watch a video of a parent leader at a Redwood City Elementary School talk about her experience with PCRC’s Family Engagement program.

In all of these services an emphasis is on supporting parents who are not traditionally engaged because of barriers related to language, immigration status, education, income and other challenges. All Family Engagement staff are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Program Objectives:

    • Increase frequency of parent participation
    • Increase quality of parent engagement
    • Increase attendance at parent education opportunities
    • Increase parents’ comfort and confidence in the school environment
    • Increase parents’ understanding of the school system and support available to them
Parents [have] new perspectives and approaches to address concerns they have about their child, school and overall educational experience within their school district. – Staff at Belle Haven Community School,  Ravenswood School District
These Parent Leadership Academies are such an important part to our success as educators students, parents and members of our community. Thanks!!!- Staff at Castano School, Ravenswood School District

Brief Description of Activities:

  • School-Community Celebrations and Improvement Projects
  • School-based Participation Events (i.e. Community Dialogues, Coffee with the Principal)
  • Workshops for Parents (i.e. Nutrition, Talking with your child, High school readiness, Family Literacy, Kindergarten Readiness )
  • Development and Support of Parent-Teacher Organizations
  • Leadership Development and Support (School Site Council, Parent Advisory Groups)
  • Consultation and coaching of school administration on parent involvement strategies

To learn more about our Family Engagement Program contact Angelica Mariano at 650-513-0330 or use the form below.

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