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Graduation of So SF High School Summer Series

The PCRC Schools Program is a vital resource for local schools seeking to support their academic missions by addressing non-academic barriers to student success. PCRC’s Schools Program helps schools maximize their students’ ability to learn and their teachers’ opportunity to teach.

Research shows that the following elements of a caring and collaborative school community contribute to and nurture student learning:

  • Safe and respectful school environment for all,
  • Student/school connectedness and positive relationships,
  • Activities and programs that support social-emotional learning and youth development,
  • Opportunities for parent involvement, engagement and leadership,
  • Mechanisms for dialogue, effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
The Conflict Managers program is going great with fewer problems coming back into class. The Conflict Managers are making a difference… I know they are proud of the difference they make. -Elementary School Teacher

The PCRC Schools Program also works to support schools’ efforts in the following areas:

PCRC offers a range of services to help build caring and collaborative school communities. PCRC’s unique approach to community building and 20 years of experience makes it a valuable resource for schools in overcoming non-academic barriers to student learning. We adapt our services to also meet the needs of youth, staff, and parents affiliated with youth-serving programs and agencies.

We have found your support to be wonderful! Thanks for all the opportunities provided to us. We have implemented the Talk It Out sessions. These make a difference in the students. I know we will continue to see these results as the students keep hearing the same messages. We have seen the positive effects with the same message in the classrooms, playground, lunch room, etc… -K-8 School Principal

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