Violence Prevention

700 Block of No. Amphlett, City of San Mateo

PCRC brings its other services — training, facilitation, parent engagement and conflict resolution — to address problems of youth violence. Our approach
to violence prevention is based in the values and core competencies associated with conflict
resolution, collaboration, facilitation and community engagement. Our work is not crisis intervention or case management. We work within neighborhoods, cultural groups, schools and other communities to support community-based efforts to prevent and reduce youth violence through training, leadership development and collaboration. We facilitate relationship building between community members, law enforcement and other key stakeholders.

Our violence prevention strategies include:

1. training for youth, parents and other adults in gang awareness, conflict resolution, communication, anger management, anti-bullying and positive decision-making skills.

2. designing and implementing a neighborhood based approach to community involvement in crime reduction and violence prevention. This strategy is based on the assumption that the stakeholders in a neighborhood — residents, property owners, law enforcement, and other service providers — can work together to improve the safety of the neighborhood.

3. convening a network of service providers, families and other people committed to  youth violence prevention.

Within the Violence Prevention Program area, PCRC runs several projects and initiatives. The Strengthening Neighborhoods Project focuses on building community in targeted neighborhoods

Rogell Court, City of San Mateo Photo by: San Mateo Daily Journal

experiencing a high degree of criminal and gang-related activity. PCRC works in partnership with law enforcement, neighborhood residents and property owners to collectively improve the neighborhood conditions. These efforts can include neighborhood clean-ups, educational workshops, block parties and other community building efforts along with efforts to improve relationships, information flow and build trust. In the neighborhood where the Strengthening Neighborhood’s Project was initiated, crime dropped by 85% while the project was implemented.

“ I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve done to help us solve the problems in our neighborhood. The neighborhood walk through with the city officials really brought the owners together and the clean up day really brought ALL the neighbors together. – San Mateo resident

The San Mateo County Violence Prevention Network was initiated by PCRC in 2010. It was the first time that youth violence prevention service provides from across the whole county and from all sectors (law enforcement, County agencies, non-profits, schools, faith-based, culture-based, etc.) came together on a regular basis. The network also includes youth and families who are interested in the topic. This is an on-going effort led by a Steering Committee of network members.  To learn more about the Violence Prevention Network click here.

PCRC has specific projects focused on the Pacific Islander community in San Mateo. Violence and gang involvement is a growing concern in this community. While the overall numbers may be small, San Mateo County has the second largest population of Tongan’s outside of the Kingdom of Tonga and a high concentration of Samoans, Fijians and other Pacific Islanders. Current and past projects to address violence prevention and positive youth development are described more here.

To find out more about our Violence Prevention work please call Marco Durazo at (650) 513-0330 or use the form below.

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