Violence Prevention Network

More than ever, the opportunities for young people in our country to achieve their dreams of living a robust and resilient adult life are becoming scarce.

Participants at Violence Prevention Network Photo by: John Green, San Mateo County Times

Violence against youth is a public health problem. Homicide is the leading cause of death in California for youth ages 15-19. Youth ages 12 to 17 are nearly three times more likely than adults to be victims of serious violent crimes. Both the public and many researchers believe that the best way to keep youth safe is to create policies and programs that provide them with positive choices: good schools, vocational training, organized sports, arts programs, and mentoring.

  • In 2009, San Mateo County experienced a youth arrest rate of 79 per 1,000 children aged 10 to 17 for all offenses (violent & nonviolent; 63,859 total arrests).
  • A total of 7% of youth arrests in San Mateo County are drug-related (excluding alcohol), while 6% are for violent crimes.

Sources: Criminal Justice Statistics Department, California Department of Justice; San Mateo County Department of Public Health.

In April of 2010, PCRC launched San Mateo County’s first ever Violence Prevention Network. We invited approximately 250 individuals to participate in a facilitated conversation that would focus on the establishment of an on-going countywide network with the following intended outcomes:

  • to¬† share information and resources on programs and services being offered throughout the county
  • to explore new partnerships among service providers that could strengthen services or fill gaps
  • to allow for professional development through presentations, special guest speakers, and workshops that would enhance each of our efforts individually and collectively
  • to create a forum for on-going countywide events or activities to take place, hosted by this collective body.

The network is now meeting quarterly and being planned by a steering committee led by PCRC. This network is the first time that County agencies, non-profit organizations, local police, and individuals from throughout all of San Mateo County have come together to focus on youth violence prevention.

To learn more about the network and to get involved, please contact Marco Durazo at (650) 513-0330 or use the form below.

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