BER Fundraiser

Building Empathy and Respect Annual Fundraiser

PCRC sincerely thanks the 300 supporters of PCRC who attended our 2012 Building Empathy and Respect fundraiser on October 25 in Foster City. Attendees heard powerful stories of Rae Tapia and Greg Louganis and their personal connection with bulliyng. We honored Paula Uccelli and her efforts to build empathy and respect in San Mateo County. Attendees also learned of our programs to combat bullying, including the newly launched Theatre of the Oppressed model that helps youth address bullying through drama.







Thanks to our sponsors and individual donors, we raised $91,000 to support PCRC’s anti-bully programs. Their support helped us receive more in donations and sponsorships than we have ever received in our 26 year history. If you were not able to attend but want to help PCRC reach our goal of $100,000, please make  donation in support of the Building Empathy and Respect campaign. We appreciate any support you can provide to help with this crucial issue.

Learn more about how we address this crucial issue and our plans for the future below:

Intervention Services

  • Building Empathy & Respect (BER): youth and parents learn about the harmful impact of disrespectful behavior and how to develop empathy and respect for others.
  • Family Dialogues: families explore aggression, including teasing, gossiping and bullying, and its impact on childrens’ self-esteem. 
  • Mediation: trained volunteers mediate disputes by helping conflicting parties communicate effectively, uncover interests and reach resolution.

Prevention Services

  • Cyber-Bullying Education: families learn strategies to identify and manage cyber-bullying.
  • Youth Development: youth learn skills to better manage bullying and conflict, and to serve as community leaders.
  • Parent Education and Faculty Development: parents and teachers learn effective communication techniques and skills to establish safe and respectful homes and classrooms.

Visions for the Future

In 2011-2012, PCRC served approximately 10,000 youth and community members throughout San Mateo County.  Partners have felt immediate impacts as noted by a school counselor: “BER program participants have improved their behavior.  Teachers . . . see a change in their respect for others. Parents have appreciated how the BER program has opened needed discussion between them and their children.”

PCRC’s plan is to continue to provide anti-bullying services and to develop partnerships with social network developers to create interactive, web-based anti-bullying and conflict resolution resources for youth, parents, and community members.  Finally, PCRC seeks to serve as a national model addressing bullying in all its forms.