Our Story

For more than 30 years, the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) has encouraged the collective strengths of individuals, families and organizations to help improve communication, community engagement and conflict resolution throughout San Mateo County. PCRC originated as a small group of concerned residents who wanted to help their neighbors resolve disputes. Since then, our organization has grown to serve thousands of residents across the county, each year.

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Our Team

PCRC has a team of 25 staff and over 200 dedicated volunteers responsible for providing mediation, facilitation, training and coaching services. The staff is representative of a variety of cultures and professional disciplines, capable of providing multilingual and multicultural-centered services to meet the diverse needs of our county. All staff members are trained in the core competencies of mediation and facilitation.



Admin Team


Michelle Vilchez
Executive Director
mvilchez (at) pcrcweb (dot) org
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Mercedes Rodriguez
Director of Operations
mrodriguez (at) pcrcweb (dot) org
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Celia Benavides
Director of Finance
cbenavides (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Rosie Rivera
Operations Associate
rrivera (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Carla Garcia
Office Manager
cgarcia (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Strengthening Families and Empowering Youth Initiatives Team


Keisarina Hafoka
Manager of Youth Initiative
khafoka (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Cecilia Canale
Manager of
Strengthening Families Initiative

ccanale (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Katalina Tameilau
Family Engagement Specialist
ktameilau (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Parent Project Facilitators

  • Claudia Rodriguez

  • Ivette Melendez

  • Maria Echeverria

Florence Ortiz
Engagement Specialist
fortiz (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Engaging Communities Initiative Team


Malissa Netane
Director of Initiatives and Services
mnetane (at) pcrcweb (dot) org
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Evelia Chairez
Community Engagement Associate
echairez (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Juliet Vimahi
Community Engagement Specialist
jvimahi (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Sue Vuna
Community Engagement Specialist
svuna (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Core Programs Department Team


Seini Mateialona
Manager of Mediation Programs
smateialona (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Aida Negron
Manager of Training and Facilitation
anegron (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Anne Bers
Collaborative Processes Coach
abers (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Debbie Schechter
Facilitation Associate
dschechter (at) pcrcweb (dot) org


Ana Rubio Mascaraque
Mediation Specialist
armascaraque (at) pcrcweb (dot) org



PCRC is always looking for skilled, committed individuals who represent our community to join our board.


Jo-Ann Byrne Sockolov
Board Chair

Warren Dale
Fund Development Chair
Alice Shikina
Board Member


Mieke Bloomfield Barrows
Vice Chair

Captain Chris Hsiung
Board Member

Michael Smith
Board Member


Lorna Strachan 
Immediate Past Chair

Anne Hipskind

Magda Gonzalez
Board Member

Steve Minden
Board Member


Volunteer Highlight

PCRC is a family that provides seemingly simple but life-changing services to Pennisula residents. Conflict Resolution is more than an ideology; it’s a practice that brings healing and greater understanding to those who need it the most.
— Selena, Summer Intern

Financials and Reports

See our statement of operating revenue and expenses. We thank our generous donors and supporters.

Our Partners

PCRC partners with many local nonprofits, community-based organizations, government entities and businesses to better serve the people of San Mateo County. We embrace collaboration as a way to support more communities and to achieve broader impact in the county.  See a full list of our partners.