How We Help


Local Government

PCRC helps city and county officials and the communities they serve come together to address pressing issues and polices that have far-reaching impact. We help resolve the disputes that siphon time and energy so that local governments and their residents can focus on the shared goal of improving the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in San Mateo County. For example, many long-time businesses that make up the cultural and historic fabric of our communities are struggling to remain in the county. Preserving such businesses has a lasting effect on a community’s stability and economic vibrancy. PCRC works with communities on redevelopment efforts to increase economic growth without displacement.

After partnering with PCRC, I understand that authentic community engagement takes a lot more strategy than one meeting with the public. How can anyone understand something as complex as a General Plan update in one community meeting?
— East Palo Alto Senior Planner


Law Enforcement

PCRC facilitates safe spaces for communities and law enforcement officials to address complex issues around violence, youth access to drugs and alcohol, immigration and other concerns facing residents. Partnerships and collaboration can transform adversarial “us vs. them” attitudes into shared values of safety and togetherness.

PCRC also does annual outreach in each city to patrol officers who are often first responders in neighbor and family disputes.


Schools and Youth


PCRC partners with San Mateo County K-12 schools to prevent conflict and violence in the school system. We work with school administrators, teachers, families and youth to develop empathy and respect and improve communication skills. Our culturally relevant curriculum includes conflict resolution, public speaking and social justice awareness. We help youth think critically and learn how to use non-adversarial strategies for creating change in their communities.

PCRC also partners with the San Mateo County Juvenile Probation facility, incarcerated youth and their families to reduce relapse into criminal behavior after release. Youth and their families work with PCRC to learn short- and long-term conflict management skills and develop action plans for successful re-entry into their communities.

No adult has ever given me the credit to make my own decisions until now.
— Incarcerated Youth Training Participant

Families and Parents

For many families in need of additional support in engaging with school services, PCRC is the necessary link between families and schools. We provide trainings and guidance to parents who require assistance in navigating the complexities of the school system, accessing health care and connecting with local services and resources. Our services include:

  • Nationally-acclaimed Parent Project® parenting classes

  • Parent workshops on leadership development and capacity building

  • One-on-one coaching with workshop participants, PTA and ELAC parent committees

  • Consultation for administrators, staff and teachers to improve family engagement

  • Facilitated dialogues between school families, staff and administrators to strengthen relationships

  • Training for service providers and school staff working to increase parent involvement

Thank you, I loved the class. I learned things that I can apply both at home and at work.
— Parent Leadership Participant at Selby Lane


Community Associations

PCRC works with communities to reduce cultural stigmas related to physical and mental health issues. We also support non-traditional leaders who have the power and skill to make lasting societal change and build partnerships that mobilize groups to take action on issues that are important to them. We are the go-to source among organizations serving our community for projects, campaigns, initiatives and coalitions – efforts that bring people together to make things happen. PCRC can also assist with processes to help groups reach common goals when differing ideas and approaches are slowing progress. We strive to build lasting skills so that processes can run smoothly after we’re gone.

The meeting on Sunday was fabulous. It was organized to stimulate each person to think not only about what they knew regarding the subject, but to consider a wide scope of options. The facilitators directed the conversation to ensure that everyone had a chance to share. The preset questions were inclusive for all and the instant Spanish translation put everyone on the same page. I love to see a meeting including members from the city, county, and community run like clockwork. Great job!
— Community Meeting Participant



PCRC works with businesses to provide training in areas such as communication skills, conflict resolution and meeting management. We can help plan and facilitate staff retreats or networking and outreach efforts. When challenges arise with customers or business associates, between co-workers or among work teams, we can assist with dispute resolution.

We realized that going along to get along wasn't working very well. Mediation lent clarity to what was going on. It illuminated our dynamic in a crystalline way. We had to let our illusions go and be equal players”



Based on the belief that people can solve their own problems, PCRC empowers individuals with tools and processes to address challenges collaboratively while preserving relationships. We provide neutral, facilitative support in a variety of situations to help individuals consider their goals, reach out to others, communicate their interests effectively and find mutually acceptable resolutions to their concerns. If training is needed, we help with skills and capacity building. Throughout our work, we maintain strict confidentiality. First and foremost, we’re here to listen.

Other Nonprofits and Organizations

PCRC works with other local service organizations and nonprofits to provide training workshops in areas such as having difficult conversations, cultural humility, conflict resolution and restorative practices. We can help plan and facilitate staff retreats or meetings with community partners to seek input or form collaborative networks. When challenges arise with clients or partners, between employees or among workgroups, we can help facilitate win-win solutions.

Without PCRC’s facilitation support we would have been only 10% as effective in our strategic planning
— Nonprofit Board Director