PCRC Services



When conflicts arise, our mediation services can help you identify shared interests, generate options and solve problems collaboratively. Our trained volunteer mediators will guide you through a fair and balanced process to help you reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. Our four-step model is effective: People reach resolution 80% of the time and uphold their agreements.



Our facilitation services provide a framework for groups to work together more effectively and efficiently to achieve their desired objectives. Whether it be a public engagement dialogue, town hall, staff retreat, strategic planning session or board meeting, our team of highly skilled facilitators will design inclusive, participatory processes customized to your specific needs.



Our workshops focus on skills development to improve performance, effectiveness and overall success. We work with nonprofit organizations, agency service providers, businesses, neighborhood groups, local governments, schools, parent groups and youth groups. We also design customized curriculums.


Conflict Coaching

Our conflict coaching services provide confidential, one-on-one sessions with a coach trained in conflict resolution and communication skills. Because you know your situation best, your conflict coach will serve as a sounding board and accountability partner to help you gain insights and design action-oriented approaches to addressing personal or professional challenges.


Restorative Practices

Our restorative approaches to repairing harm through inclusive dialogue provide alternatives to punitive disciplinary measures while positively impacting school culture and addressing academic needs. We work with district and school administrators to create comprehensive restorative initiatives that can be integrated into all aspects of student life.


Violence Reduction

Our violence reduction work takes many forms, ranging from conflict transformation training in local jails to youth engagement activities designed to discourage gang involvement. Our teams strive to meet people where they are to help them reduce violence in their communities and create safer environments where everyone can thrive.



Our outreach services are designed to make it convenient for your group or organization to take advantage of the wide range of services PCRC has to offer. To learn more about how we can partner with you in achieving your goals, invite PCRC for a free, interactive workshop and discover the many ways we can provide skills building or facilitative support when the time is right.



If you’re not sure which PCRC services are right for you, don’t worry. We’ll work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your needs. Let’s talk!