PCRC Initiatives

PCRC’s key areas of focus are empowering youth, strengthening families and engaging communities.


Engaging Communities Initiative

Engaging Communities means creating opportunities for all people in our communities to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. Recognizing that people feel a sense of responsibility and ownership when they are able to shape the decisions that impact them, PCRC helps to empower individuals and groups to become involved in processes to which they have historically lacked access.

PCRC’s Engaging Communities Initiative works with groups to address issues that affect their neighborhoods. Youth violence, health disparities and drug and alcohol abuse are just a few examples. Through facilitated dialogue and structured community meetings, PCRC helps create safe spaces where people can partner with local police, nonprofits and businesses to find sustainable solutions to social challenges that are often based on cultural differences, linguistic barriers, obstacles to accessing health care and socio-economic inequities.


Strengthening Families Initiative

Families are the foundation of thriving communities and in order for them to connect to opportunities that improve the quality of their lives, they need to actively engage with schools, neighborhoods and service providers in their communities.

PCRC’s Strengthening Families Initiative helps families access resources and gain both communication and leadership skills. These skills help them better navigate the educational system, break down cultural barriers and improve communication with their children. Families continue to use these skills in all facets of their daily lives. PCRC and the San Mateo County Office of Education have partnered to create the Friday CAFE, which brings family engagement providers and administrators together from schools, nonprofits and government agencies to learn from one another and share best practices.

Families are our partners. We understand that we are working together with intentionality to build deeper relationships.
— Friday CAFÉ Participant

Empowering Youth Initiative

Empowering Youth means creating opportunities for young people to thrive, learn and give back to their communities. It includes empowering young people to think critically, communicate effectively, interact constructively and express themselves creatively. The goal is to achieve lasting change that enhances and builds relationships between students, faculty, staff and parents, improves student behavior, reduces violence and creates a sense of community.  

PCRC’s Empowering Youth Initiative works with youth to develop leadership and communication skills, cultural identity, volunteerism and self-advocacy. Our “whole school community” approach increases family engagement and student success while restorative practices improve teacher-student relationships and school climates. For at-risk youth, this means encouraging participation in processes to resolve problems peacefully rather than resorting to violence, and partnering with other youth-focused agencies.