Signature Events


ADRx 2018: Creating Empathetic Communities


ADRx is an annual speaker series attracting national leaders in the field of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) to discuss the latest innovations in resolving conflict and bridging divides within our communities. As a thought leader in the field of conflict resolution, PCRC convenes this TED-talk style conference each year as a forum for sharing ideas and building community.


Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Summit

The Pacific Islander Violence Prevention Summit is an annual gathering that brings together Pacific Islander community members, advocates and service providers for education and networking opportunities related to violence prevention. Since 2014, PCRC has embraced the challenge of creating safe spaces for people to break the silence on issues of violence in their lives. In 2018, our speakers shared their skills and experiences working in different areas of the Pacific Islander community and touching on the roles that culture and faith play in the healing process. They also shared best practices in working with PI youth using prevention and intervention methods that recognize the role culture plays in youth violence and incarceration.


Building Empathy and Respect

Every year, PCRC awards the Warren Dale Building Empathy & Respect Award to an individual in our community who has embodied empathy and respect and used their leadership to sustain and improve the lives of others.  At PCRC, we believe that these characteristics are the cornerstones of great leadership.


Past Events

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Action Summit

In 2018, PCRC hosted a two-day Action Summit at the College of San Mateo with over 400 participants. PCRC convened residents and leaders across various sectors to inspire innovation, design the communities in which they want to live and take action to bring about their desired vision.